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Therapeutic Massage

This massage is an integral part of Wholistic Body Massage. Our remedial therapist in Boronia is a certified therapeutic massage professional. What works in favor of this massage is that it is stimulating and soothing at the same time. This massage is both safe and effective and creates the perfect balance and harmony between your body and mind.

With stress and tension becoming a constant feature in our life, Therapeutic Massage is a must. It is not only beneficial but one of the healthiest options for improving one’s quality of life.

This massage promotes general tissue well-being and helps to relive sore muscles and tissues. In other words, it is the best stress management care possible.

If you are recovering from an operation and looking for a postoperative care than opt for this massage. It helps to improve the recovery period and speeds up the healing process. You will no longer suffer from stiffness and pain associated with bed rest.

One of the major reasons we recommend this massage because it helps to release endorphins, which is a happy hormone. You will no longer experience the blues.